TIL HTML J4F: Build Your First Website!

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Learn how to build a game board with the table element, make sandwiches with forms, conquer dragons with semantic markup, link to exotic locations, and build up a robot's self esteem with structural markup in this beginner friendly introduction to the essential web development language: HTML.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Technology Behind Web Applications

  • HyperText Markup Language
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • JavaScript

Chapter 2: Choose Your Text Editing Weapon

  • Why is a text editor like a writing desk? (differences between word processors and plain text editors)
  • Text editors for noobs
  • Text editors for leet

Chapter 3: Build Your First Web Page

  • What's up DOCTYPE?
  • Structural HTML elements

Chapter 4: Say What You Mean with Semantic Markup

  • Emphasis lies in being bold
  • The defining HTML element
  • Emphasizing text with italics
  • Semantic highlighting
  • Short quotes

Chapter 5: Top Three Stylish Lists for your HTML

  • Ordered lists
  • Unordered lists
  • Description lists

Chapter 6: Document Flow and Display Methods

  • Block-level elements
  • Inline elements
  • Inline-block elements

Chapter 7: Organize Files and Folder Structure for Web Pages

  • Get In touch with your web root
  • What wakes index so special?
  • Organize pages in sub-directories
  • Consolidate public assets
  • Relative and absolute stylesheet linking

Chapter 8: Connect HTML Documents with the Anchor Element

  • Come with us now on a journey through time and space (linking to websites and web pages)
  • Opening links in a new window
  • Linking to in-page content

Chapter 9: Insert Photos and Graphics in a Web Page

  • The only src of knowledge is experience
  • Width and height attributes
  • A friendly reminder about display methods

Chapter 10: Web Appropriate Image Formats

  • Lossy compression
  • Lossless compression
  • Animated images
  • And now for something completely different (vector images)

Chapter 11: Resize Photos with GIMP

  • Optimizing images for the web

Chapter 12: Build a Game Board with the Table Element

  • Table rows, cells, and headings
  • Spanning multiple columns
  • Spanning multiple rows

Chapter 13: Build an HTML Sandwich with Form Elements

  • Turn on your radio input
  • Group related fields with fieldset and legend
  • List choices with the select element
  • Allow multiple selections with checkboxes
  • Use label elements for accessibility
  • Write freely with text inputs and textareas
  • Wrap it up with a submit button

Chapter 14: Audio and Video Media Players

  • Embed and customize a video player
  • Embed an audio player

Chapter 15: Convert Audio and Video for the Web

  • Basic avconv syntax
  • Video encoding
  • Audio encoding

Chapter 16: Don't Lose Your Head... Title, Meta, Link and Script Elements

  • Where's your head at?
  • Untitled (the title element)
  • Meta elements
  • Fashion! Turn to the left (linking style sheets)

Chapter 17: I Learned HTML and All I Got was this Rich Text Document

  • What now?

Additional Resources

  • Web development tools
  • Extra credit
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Available in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats

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TIL HTML J4F: Build Your First Website!

2 ratings
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