Daisy's Web Development Diary: Learn HTML

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Conquering dragons, exploring the depths of the ocean, and advising robots about dating are just a few of the many adventures in Daisy's Web Development Diary. This video series explores the foundational web language, HTML. Learn how to build a game board with the table element, create forms for ordering sandwiches, link to exotic locations, and more. Begin your web programming journey today!

01 - How Websites Are Made

Hi foxy friends! This is my first video blog. We’ll learn the technologies you need to build a web page.

02 - Attract Hot Robots with Structural HTML Markup

Learn structural HTML markup to create a sexy website. I’ll introduce you to the following HTML elements: html, body, doctype, h1, h2, p, br, and blockquote. With these tags, you’ll snag the perfect catch.

03 - Say What You Mean with Semantic HTML Markup

There be dragons afoot! Join me on a quest to conquer the strong, em, mark, and q tags. Together we will add meaning to Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky with semantic HTML. Callooh callay!

04 - Top three Stylish Lists for Your HTML

Discover the secret to writing amazing listicle headlines while learning how to create nested lists in HTML. We’ll make numbered and bulleted lists with the ol and ul tags and learn how to nest lists inside of other list items.

05 - Anchors Aweigh! Link to the Beach with HTML

Go on an adventure with Daisy using the anchor tag to make links to all kinds of amazing web pages.

06 - HTML Image Elements Make Your Website Pop

Bring your website to life with images. Learn the HTML img tag to include photos, graphics, and animated gifs on your web page. Sharpen your site by adding titles, alt text, captions, and links to pictures with the figure, figcaption, and anchor tags.

07 - All Your HTML Tables are Belong to Us!

My favorite board game can easily be made with the HTML table element. Learn how to build grids with the table, tr, td, and th elements. Join Unique ID and I in an epic battle of wits!

08 - Build an HTML Sandwich with Forms, Input, and Buttons

Hungry for knowledge? We’ll build an amazing sandwich using the HTML form, fieldset, legend, input, textarea, and button elements. Om nom nom!

09 - The Quick Brown Fox Rocks Audio and Video with HTML

Share your creative genius with the world! The HTML video and audio elements make it easy for us to set-up media players on a web page.

10 - Don’t Lose Your Head! Find Inner Peace with HTML

Get your HTML Head in order with meta, link, title, and script elements. Use these important tags on your journey of self-discovery.

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Daisy's Web Development Diary: Learn HTML

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